Rajan Bala
A soul-stirring first novel…could well be the first of its kind in India written in English …
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Meenakshi Mukherjee
It is a novel difficult to put down.

Charu Sharma
What can I say? Take a bow Hari.
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Finding Excellence Within - Corporate and College

Team Building through Cricket - Organizations

Tenets of Effective Leadership - The Cricketing Way

Pre-placement training for colleges

Attitudinal coaching for sports academies, associations and teams

Finding Excellence Within - Corporate and College

Finding Excellence Within - Team COD

A 3-day workshop, based on the book 'The Men Within - A Cricketing Tale', it brings out the best within each individual and through that, achieves high results in the team. Through the workshop, individuals become aware of their strengths, their personal and professional goals and the tools to achieve them. It improves self-esteem and leads to greater productivity and better results.

For individuals, the intervention focuses on the importance of a clear goal, of knowing oneself and one's strengths and how to use them, of fostering belief in oneself and the team, planning, preparing to reach the peak and staying focused on achieving the target. Concepts such as giving 100%, pushing one's limits, identifying that excellence is a choice, team work and repeating patterns of excellence to achieve high performance are experienced in this workshop. The effects are of a long-term nature and would have benefits over a lifetime.

Takeaways for the organization:
Participants understand that being the best themselves is important for themselves and the organization. It improves self-esteem, synergy and productivity. It works on the individual first and then connects him/her to the big picture. Excellence is within - we need to recognize that facet.

  • A clear picture of oneself and one’s strengths – your competitive edge
  • An understanding of the importance of giving one’s best to get good results
  • A healthy self-esteem
  • A clear goal of one’s personal and professional aspirations
  • The way to achieve the goal
  • Importance of team work, belief, action, ethics

‘The interactions with you and your insights have been extremely useful and I am sure the next few months of close monitoring would help us tighten our belt and get into the cycle of performance. Your sessions instilled a sense of urgency in most of us. ‘
Dr. C.V. Madhavi, Director, Centre for Organisational Development, Hyderabad

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