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A soul-stirring first novel…could well be the first of its kind in India written in English …
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Meenakshi Mukherjee
It is a novel difficult to put down.

Charu Sharma
What can I say? Take a bow Hari.
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Finding Excellence Within - Corporate and College

Team Building through Cricket - Organizations

Tenets of Effective Leadership - The Cricketing Way

Pre-placement training for colleges

Attitudinal coaching for sports academies, associations and teams

Pre-placement training for colleges:

"3-day program at University of Hyderabad"

One day training for cricket trainees at the MLJaisimha Cricket Academy

A 3-day pre-placement course that complements the academic input that a student receives during the MBA course and helps them fine tune their goal orientation, self-worth and self-esteem.

It focuses on helping students build clarity on the following:

  • Who am I  (strengths, weaknesses, driving factors, my best features)
  • What do I want (my dreams, my goals)
  • How can I get what I want (the path to achieve what I want)
  • What is my level of preparedness to get what I want (where do I stand now)
  • How to bridge the gap (fulfilling the gap)
  • Team work and leadership (essential people skills as managers)
  • Improving self-worth (the key to success)
  • Ethics (exploring your basic value system)

By bringing greater clarity about these issues to the student, the program helps students add value to themselves that makes a difference to the job, interview and the outside world.

Takeaways for the participant:

  • A healthy self-esteem
  • Knowledge of one’s strengths
  • Importance of having a goal and choose the path
  • Planning to achieve the goal and preparing for it
  • Life skills of success that will remain with them forever

'It was an awesome & learning experience for me when I interacted and learnt from you. It made me a confident and a new person who is determined about his goals. The true difference what made was interaction with u for several weeks and the learning said over and over when I committed mistakes. I am feeling short of words to describe that.'
Rathindernath, HCU, MBA, Class of 2010

"It is my pleasure that I be the part of the workshop which is much more than any academic book or any other practical experience and the way you turn the inside out really added value not only to my knowledge but also to my way of looking life. The confidence and motivation that you built will always memorize me about you and all those things you thought in class. The learning is very different from other subject sessions as the way of teaching is also different and instead of learning it would be moreover grooming."
Mayank Newar, HCU, MBA, Class of 2010

"Your teaching has helped us to understand our Real Strengths within us - before I used to be pessimistic but your workshop has really Motivated me to change my attitude. Even though we joined the course Entrepreneurship with the intention to do Business in long run, your teaching has really made us Know what we are and what can we do and Helped to Build Lots of confidence With In US to do Business.

U r teaching and Your book "THE MEN WITH IN" has helped me in learning lots of new things and it has made an PLATFORM to achieve my Dreams. Whenever you are in Class it used to generated lots of Energy in me to Achieve some thing BIG in my life.

When you have started teaching I used to share about your motivation classes and some of your points to many of my friends and relatives, still now daily I just think of your points while doing some work. Now I am looking my life from different angle which I am enjoying lot, now I have confidence on myself that I can achieve anything which I dream. I want to add one more point sir, in my life the first Book which I read is your book "THE MEN WITH IN" which has created lots of interest to read books, this book was fantastic through which I really learned many good point and started applying in my life.

Finally I can say that I am very much THANKFUL for your Valuable learning, I hope your learning should help many of the students like me through your books and workshop.'
Sravan Kumar, HCU, MBA, Class of 2010

"Choose excellence...wow..to make us understand sir told us such a simple example..how a cleaning person can make such a difference.... I feel that if everyone of us chose the path of excellence then there would be great things happening. "Life is the biggest venture", sir told us all the "laws" that apply to everything..take it life, business, job...what ever...Detailed planning, Belief in yourself that you are going to make it, trusting others, sticking till the end and whatever you do choose excellence and results not excuses..finally give the luxury of "Dreaming"... When sir asked in the class about a dream that you want to fulfill I was shocked to find none on my mind...then I realised that it's important to dream..may be its because of the fear of failure or is it the other way round??!??."fear of success"...a thought provoking question!! Thanks a zillion to Mohan sir"
Anitha, HCU, MBA, Class of 2009

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