Rajan Bala
A soul-stirring first novel…could well be the first of its kind in India written in English …
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Meenakshi Mukherjee
It is a novel difficult to put down.

Charu Sharma
What can I say? Take a bow Hari.
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Finding Excellence Within - Corporate and College

Team Building through Cricket - Organizations

Tenets of Effective Leadership - The Cricketing Way

Pre-placement training for colleges

Attitudinal coaching for sports academies, associations and teams

Attitudinal coaching for sports academies, associations and teams:

"Workshop for HCA Under-16 team'

Attitudinal coaching is a big part of the mental makeup of a sportsman. Sportsmen normally do not have the access to basic attitudinal coaching which sets a clear framework for their skills and talents to blossom.

The workshop makes sportsmen aware of the following:

  • Their strengths
  • Their goals
  • Their path to the goal
  • What they need to carry to achieve their goal
  • The importance of process
  • How to design their success
  • The ways of winners
  • Importance of teamwork
Takeaways for participants:
  • Goal clarity
  • Not leaving things to chance
  • Importance of preparation
  • How the team is more important than the individual

Testimonials :

MLJaisimha Cricket 365 Academy :
'Hari's workshop was outstanding. I propose to have one workshop every month for my cricketers. In fact I have been using Hari's talks to mentally gear up the Under 16 Hyderabad teams for the past two years and I have found that the results have been excellent. We went to the final of the All India tournament which is no mean achievement. I recommend Hari's lectures and workshop to be made a part of every sportsman's training.'
Vidyuth Jaisimha, Director,
MLJaisimha Cricket 365 Academy and Coach of
Hyderabad Under 16 Cricket team

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