Rajan Bala
A soul-stirring first novel…could well be the first of its kind in India written in English …
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Meenakshi Mukherjee
It is a novel difficult to put down.

Charu Sharma
What can I say? Take a bow Hari.
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1. Comments for the Book of "The Men Within a Cricketing Tale"
2. Comments for the Book of "If You Love Some One...."

Comments for the Book of "If You Love Some One..."

I've read this book. This book is amazing. Highly inspiring. Where love is not about being together and pushing each other as per your wish. The inspiration that encourages you to follow your decision, is love. Perfectly written. Thanks for writing such a beautiful story of Meghna and Aditya.
- Prabha

Started reading your book last night at 8 pm. Couldn’t let go until the last page. It is past 3 now. Had to tell you I loved every word in it. Will do my bit of publicity in IISC
- Bhavana

Finished reading the book before lunch itself! Lovely story and narrative…does make one ponder over one’s life and relationships. We must catch up for a leisurely discussion.
- Bharadwaj

Just finished reading. Wow.
- Suresh,

Sir, I liked ur book & the way it was written from a women's point of view. about love, inspiration and have a doubt whether at the end it was Pankaj who has arranged for the trip for Aditya to Goa Waiting for ur reply

Hi Sir, I read your Book ‘If You Love Someone’. It is really good sir, I finished it in one day only . . The Chemistry between two in GOA was really fantastic sir. When I was reading the story how they spend their three days in GOA it is superb. U r narration really made me to feel me that I too should have such experience how ADITYA n MEGHANA spend there time in GOA Climax was also tooooo GOOD , it was really touching sir. I think if this story i made into FILM it will be a GOOD LOVE STORY . I HOPE this BOOK will be BIG SUCCESS .
B.Sravan kumar HCU (SMS).

I liked it. Frankly, at first it was a bit of a drag, but then I latched on and could not put it down. I have recommended to few of my friends, hopefully they will soon buy it. Oh BTW, forgot to add about the book - couple of things I liked were: -your writing style - it is fluid and simple - like R K Narayan and unlike the recent Indian authors of English fiction who I find are pretentious; -the novel is circular :) I read the initial chapters again after I finished the book and they neatly tie back... - I also liked the slightly open endedness of the novel BTW, the initial talk among the girls sounded too girlish - not sure if that is how girls talk. And also there is no really dark character in opposition to the radiant Aditya :). Like in movies, do you need a character to be bad to show that the hero is good?

Quotes from the book launch:

"We, particularly women, are brought up as per the expectations of our parents, not according to our wishes. While only a woman can realise her problems, understand the lives, conflicts and sacrifices of women, a cricketer and a management consultant writing a book on a woman's life is really an achievement.'
- Smt. Renuka Chowdhury, Former Minister Woman and Child Development

'The charactersisation of Meghna - beautiful, intelligent, complex, extremely attrative, yet instantly recognisable central character is the triumph in the novel."
- Prof. Anuradha Marwah, Delhi University

Comments for the Book of "The Men Within Cricketing Tale"

When I started reading the book, I did not realize that I would be sent down the teenage memory lane several times. My eyes became moist more than once as I became part of each character's struggle. Hari has made us part of each of the character's endeavors. This book is a must-read for all teenagers, employees, and others operating in teams. I believe it would enable them to understand their strengths and weaknesses, offers simple techniques to focus and execute within the context of the team deliverables. I have given 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey to about 20 of our company's team leads, but they found the reading a tad difficult. Now, I will be giving them all copies of The Men Within, which is easier to read.
N. Rao Buddhavarapu, Lead IndiaS

It was an amazing experience reading " The Men Within". It actually helped me in lot of spheres of life.

For example, it helped me to understand why to take things as it comes rather than focusing on the end result, just the way Sampath told the team. Moreover the character "Kaleem", helped me understand one simple thing "It's all about flexibility. Flexibility of mind", I completely agree - it is all in the mind. The way he helped the team to get phisically fit was awesome. When the boys went for a cross-country run, Kaleem kept telling Varun ,"slow down if you want, but do not stop". What a thought, if we can implement the same thing in our life, we would be able to easily sail through the diificult phase. I have already started implementing the same :-)

This book helped me to get the clear picture of my own dream and that is not all, I was carried off by this book to such an extent that I ended up working on a detailed plan to achieve my dream.

Thank you for writing such a book, it actually helped me understand my life better. Looking forward to lot many such books written by you.
Reetika Ghosh, Brand ConsultantS

It is a novel difficult to put down.
Meenakshi Mukherjee, Literary critic and renowned academicS

I really enjoyed 'The Men Within' and I think it is a wonderful book so full of life and the survival game...and very well written - nice clean prose which is such a rarity these days.
Anita Nair, Novelist

What can I say? Take a bow Hari.
Charu Sharma, Popular sports commentator

A riveting read.
Ayaz Memon, Eminent sports journalist, DNA

It's a simply written cricket story, which touches the heart and a must-read for all young cricketers.
S.L.Venkatpathi Raju, Former Test Cricketer and current National selector

I started by reading the book reluctantly. But after a few pages I was so hooked that after school next day I immediately sat and finished it .Though I am not a cricket maniac I really enjoyed the book. It helped me understand few of the cricket rules which I didn't know. As the book came to an end I could feel the tears of happiness and pride rolling down my cheek. I recommended the book to my cousins who don't read many books, but they are cricket maniacs. I am sure that this book will install courage and hope in everyone's heart. It is a must read for everyone especially our Indian cricket team after the world cup
I rate it *****

Grusha Prasad, Hungama captain, Rosary Convent, Age 11

The sole purpose for this email is to tell you, formally, that I was blown over by your book. Your insight into the workings of the human mind are indeed inspirational. I read the book three times over and each time it was like reading it for the first time.

I applaud you on this endeavour and am recommending this book as a 'must read' for all my friends, family and students, who I am sure will greatly benefit from a motivational story such as this. Your ease of language, and the ability to incorporate such depth of thought into a story is remarkable!

I do hope that this is not just a one off book and you are furiously putting pen to paper (or typing on you computer) to get the next one on the stands.

Thank you so very much for this experience! Looking forward to the next one...
With loads of love

Mondira Jaisimha, Media Director, Heroes Project

Anil Kapoor, who was, rather, just retired as the principal of a prestigious private school in Edmonton, Canada - a cricketfreak... he said he could relate to everything in the book - both personally and as a princi...

My sister-in-law who came for the release called this morning to say she read it with great interest and found it fascinating. She learnt so much about the game!

My mum too finished the book in one sitting - but I saw her pause between chapters, pick up her embroidery or stare into space for a while then take it up again - and last night after she had finished it I asked her what she felt - her answer was truly amazing - she read so much more into the messages - about going after what You want with single minded dedication, having a goal to pursue first of all, etc etc and she was evaluating her own life by the standards set out for the Golconda team!

It means the book can be read at many levels - it has layers of significance if one cares to look for them.

Keerti Ramachandra, Editor of 'The Men Within'

It's wonderful. Brought back the memories of the good old school days. Though my school days were not the same, as I never played cricket for my school team but there was always this undying wish to do so. And perhaps that's why it makes such an interesting reading because I could imagine myself to be a part of the team and hence the excitement.

Of course, cricket always casts its magic spell but it is the other aspects such management of available resources wisely, statistics, planning and etc that play an equally important role. And they have been very well merged into the sport.

The characters are very well chalked out, especially the coach and the principal. It was nice to see the parents and teachers chipping in from time to time to put in their valuable suggestions and words of encouragement. The finer points which Jani miya and Yadgiri highlight from time to time are the ones which we often overlook and it's just by doing these simple things right that we can clear big hurdles.

Our players, who in the beginning are normal school going boys eventually grow into young men and of course champions, was impressive. Also the fact that every player was an individual and had an identity. I was most impressed by young Noel and his attitude towards the game. I feel some of the adults can take a few tips from him. Overall, I feel it's like this hypothetical world, a world you feel should exist but seldom see it. And that's what makes it so exciting. Cheers

Varun Sheorey, Collegian, 20.

'The Men Within' is without doubt an excellent insight into the psyche and life of every serous cricketer. This is Hyderabadi flavour through and through. Harimohan has told his story the way he has experienced it and for that-all salutations. For me it was an emotional moment since Mr. M.G. Sampath Kumar was my coach and mentor and of course Hari has immortalized him. I hope he enthralls us with many more such books because cricket is a way of life for all of us.

Purnima Rau, Former captain Indian women's cricket team

Never anticipated, this kind of outcome from a cricketing tale, where it inculcates how important it is to work hard, concentrate, observe the minute things, which we feel, are not related to our goals and learn from them by applying it to our endeavours. The Author has displayed the humour in a very usual way, the humour was highly hilarious, where I could not stop myself laughing for quiet a long time. Which reminded me of my character of my school days.

I would love to get back and play with those simple/basic techniques and emerge as a great Indian cricketer, for sure. I wish I can turn the clock back.

This will perhaps the first book devoted entirely for learning basics of cricket and emphasized on the basics and showed a way to achieve the goal which seems improbable. It's extremely useful for coaches, players, Schools, academys' of sports involved in running and managing the academies.

A great way of enjoying hard work at younger age to prosper in every way. The book inculcates the robust determination to dare to dream and fulfill the dream.

P. Murlidhar, Banker

Interesting read. Personally feel the story to be motivating, absorbing and most importantly well written with equal weight -age given to all the characters (actually I am very impressed with your characters weight-age and your narration for the plot).

After reading "The painted house", it's been a long time that I cud finish a book without interruption at one sitting.
PS: lemme know if a movie is in the pipeline...

Sridhar.P, Entrepreneur

Had a tough time to putting it down the moment I started reading it. It brought back a lot of memories of my own schooldays at Montfort School, Yercaud. One is left wondering about the maths guy Madhu and other scheming characters !!!
Keep up the wonderful work and do let us know when the next book is coming.

Dr.Sriram, Pediatrician

'The Men Within' captures the excitement, thrill and uncertainty of the game of cricket for his readers. It's a unique way of expressing and celebrating the excitement of the game - without going to the stadium.

M.R. Baig, Former Duleep Trophy player, Senior NIC and BCCI coach

The author has amply demonstrated through the pages of this fast paced novel that cricket - or any sport - for that matter, is played not only with hands and feet but also with the mind and heart. The skill with which the author has combined cricketing lessons and personnel management techniques is highly commendable. A very useful and effective handbook for every aspiring cricketer and coach. A must-have book for every school library.

Bro. K.M. Joseph, Montfort Institutions, Hyderabad

'The Men Within' brings back childhood memories of how we plotted and planned our cricket strategy. Every cricketer and sports enthusiast should read it for the author's deep understanding of the game and all its nuances.

Vidyuth Jaisimha, Former Ranji Trophy player and Director, M.L. Jaisimha Cricket 365 Academy, Hyderabad

"School Cricket as a backdrop, Hari pictured with crystal clarity the process for achieving the dreams. Dream - Plan - Practise - Fail - Improvise - Achieve. He goes a step ahead and describes how to dream as well. It is simply amazing how it relates to any achievement in life. Building a dream company or a dream house this formula applies quite aptly. "

"It is incredible that simple events in life teach us so much. It is up to us to learn from our experiences, however trivial it seems to be or whoever it comes from. Hari relates such simple situations into lessons that directs towards success. "

"Be it Cricket (at any level) or a complicated project execution, the simple way that Hari put across the success formula in this book is amazing. I recommend Indian Cricket Team and the BCCI board to read this book. "

P. V. Narasimha Rao, Corporate Coach, Hyderabad

Really enjoyed reading the book and think it can equally captivate the interests of both young School/College students and much older readers like myself. I actually like the fact that it has steered clear away from what I am sure, would have been a strong desire, to give it a more melodramatic conclusion.
I feel you should try to get this book into all the School and College libraries as the readers will not only identify themselves with the protagonists more easily, but may also end up benefiting from some of the values embedded in the story.

Shrinivas Ayyagari, Vice President, GE

The book is bound to be a success… written very beautifully with strong characters. Though it was about cricket it had a lot which reflects in a life of a commoner like fear of failure, fear of trying, giving up easily on negative side and power of optimism, efforts, hard work selflessness on positive side.

Sangeeta Bellwani, Banker

One of the points that comes across strongly is the approach followed by the GPS cricket team in preparing for the championship- like that of a successful corporation- Goal setting, Planning/preparation and execution. The skill of the game itself is but one of the components in the whole matrix for winning! It is also been proven that focus in a sport or musical instrument can enhance your overall well being and concentration levels benefiting kids in the pursuit of education.

Living in the US since many years I observe this similar approach in all the successful sport teams here- from school level to pro sports. Indian sport teams too can benefit greatly by recognizing and adopting this 'management oriented' professional approach to further their individual success."

Naresh Raghvan, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, US

Some key and honest thoughts:
- One of the few books I read in almost single sitting
- As the book picked momentum I was kind of overwhelmed with positive feeling about the book.
- Some powerful stuff so lightly and neatly packaged.
- I think I can use lot of stuff there for a long time at work and with kids at home.
- Important thing is it's not about cricket, is it?

Rajesh Janwadkar, Head Marketing, KPIT Cummins

I started reading the book at around 10.00 PM and finished it by 01.30 AM. My views on the book:
It was one of the few unputdownable books I had read so far. I could identify with many characters of the book The climax brought lumps in my throat.

KV Rajani Kanth, Banker

It was pure joy going through each and every line. In these days of negativity and cynicism, your book comes not just like a whiff of fresh air, but very importantly depicts harsh reality in the most simple manner.  I am still in the midst of the 'grounds' and all the players along with Vishwanath and Sampath sir are appearing clearing before my eyes, not to forget Madhu and Anjali. 
I liked the way you have explained each and every element of management in the most simplistic manner.  You have actually transcended the game of cricket into one of technique and strategy in a different sense, that it is not related to the way you hold the bat or ball etc. 
The manner in which you have linked the mind and the game would make even a non-cricket person appreciate your book.  This I feel is your biggest hit from the book. 
The best part of the entire book was that it conveyed a message, that you learn in life from every incident, every person, no what who or what that person/incident is.
B.R. Diwakar, Finance Professional

The book is a bible or reference for the people learning cricket. Should be a must-read in all schools. The usage of Chanakya technique is superb. According to Chanakya – one can learn some things from nature, animals…etc etc. The team learning something from gardener, driver, barber…is simply awesome. Great idea…great value addition for the reader.                            
Siva Kumar, Banker, Mumbai

I finished the book in one sitting. Let me tell you, it bought tears in my eyes in certain places and I cried aloud remembering my struggle. You have very deftly dealt with many issues without going deep into them ( keeping it open to interpretations- that’s the beauty)  but making a point that touches everyone’s innerself.
Jaideep Pal, Cricketer, Banker.

I truly enjoyed it. It taught me very important lessons for my future as, even I will be starting a new life abroad soon. It was a true booster for me to motivate my own self. Congrats.
Anshika Mishra, Student

It was a truly inspiring book and aroused the feelings of the past within me when my team mates used to strategise, plan and execute ideas for even the smallest cricket matches in the lanes of our locality. How we used to get up at 5 and then prepare the grounds ourselves before playing also was something I could connect to through the book.
It is truly a remarkable work done by you as it connects well with anyone who has held a bat or a ball at any level atleast once and that technically means that the whole country has some or the other memories hidden in the book.
Thanks again for helping me connect to my childhood days and congratulations on your splendid work
Siddhanta Patnaik, Event Manager

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