Rajan Bala
A soul-stirring first novel…could well be the first of its kind in India written in English …
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Meenakshi Mukherjee
It is a novel difficult to put down.

Charu Sharma
What can I say? Take a bow Hari.
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'If you love someone.'
- Book launched in February 2010
at The World Book Fair, New Delhi.
A sneak preview into 'If you love someone.


A promise made thirty years ago, comes haunting Meghna Mathur, the Chairperson of a wealthy Trust, a week before she turns fifty. She, a 20 year old, ambitious, middle class girl with immense faith in the capitalist system and Aditya, a rich rebel with strong communist leanings, meet at an inter-collegiate debating competition and spend three perfect days together. Whatever happens later, they promise to meet again on her fiftieth birthday.

Meghna's life and career had had its ups and downs - marriage, success, betrayal, children - and a growing dissatisfaction. Was the old Meghna still alive? Had she lost her "self" somewhere along the way?

Here was an opportunity to find out. By keeping the tryst with the one who had brought out the best in her all those years ago.
Will the magic happen again?
Will the Sun rise at sunset again?


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