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A soul-stirring first novel…could well be the first of its kind in India written in English …
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Meenakshi Mukherjee
It is a novel difficult to put down.

Charu Sharma
What can I say? Take a bow Hari.
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Lectures / Talks :

I have had the opportunity to share my views at various fora including management associations, schools, colleges, corporate houses and sports academies. Though I started out on the lecture circuit quite by accident when my good friend Mr. Amar Chegu invited me for a talk at the Hyderabad Management Association, (an invitation that had me quaking in my shoes for several weeks), I realized that I enjoyed sharing my experiences and thoughts. To my surprise the audiences also threw me back some fine feedback and I decided it is probably not a bad thing at all

I focus mainly on the issue of excellence. In my opinion that is the base point for all of us - to be the best we can be. To be that, we must believe we are the best, because then we stop 'trying' to be the best. The process is interesting because it involves a tremendous amount of self evaluation, some learning, finding of peace with one self and then of course arriving at a comfortable idea of one's own self-worth. Be it an MBA student, a budding cricketer, a corporate employee or anyone of us, I feel that the issue of self-worth is what determines what we get. It is the aim of the talks to focus on the issue of our own self (our concept of the excellent 'us') and to point out that excellence is within us if we care to look, that perfection is about chipping away the unnecessary and not about adding and feeling inadequate.

Some of the topics I speak on:

  • Striving for Personal excellence - The Way to Achieve Your Dreams
  • Achieving Dreams by Design - An Empowered Life
  • Knowing Oneself - The Beginning to Anything Big
  • Goal setting, targets and Detailed Action Plans - Start Your Journey Now
  • Importance of Preparation - 90% of the job
  • Managing Uncertainty - The Way to Business Success
  • Building of Champion Teams - Teamwork at its Best
  • The Art of Effective Leadership - 80% to 200% Productivity
  • Self- Worth - How to Attract Success
  • Business and Ethics - Life is a Mirror
  • The Fully Baked MBA - Applying the 4Ps to Oneself
  • The Entrepreneur's Mindset - The Key to Growth
  • Gaining the Competitive Advantage
  • Recognizing Excellence Within
  • The Importance of Action
  • The Importance of Belief
  • Being the Difference - Start Now, Start Here
The idea is to provoke thought about what we are capable of and leave us all better empowered!

Link to a lecture given at MLRIT, Hyderabad, a Business Line initiative.


Transcripts of speeches :

Rajan Bala - Book Launch 'Days Well Spent'
Entrepreneur - motivation - Badruka Institue of Foreign Trade November 13, 2009 (Final)
Achieving excellence within - Reddy's college November 2009 (Final)
IMCI, Hyderabad Chapter October 29, 2009
Lifestyle mgt NIFT - March 17
Lecture at Boys Town
Pendekanti College of Management
Hyderabad Management Association

Companies/ organisations :
Hyderabad Management Association
ITC Agro, Hyderabad
Times Foundation, Hyderabad
Hyderabad Cricket Assocation

Educational Institutions :
Vignan Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad
Hyderabad Central University, College of Business Management, Hyderabad
NIFT, Hyderabad
Pendekanti College of Management, Hyderabad
IFIM, Bangalore
MLRIT, Hyderabad (a Business Line initiative)

Testimonial :
"Mr. Hari Mohan .beautifully integrated cricket, business and life... He made us realize that life itself is a big venture which needs to be managed well. We hope there can be another lecture of Mohan sir in near future. Finally, we love to meet some more people and let me thank you and Mohan sir on behalf of entire class."
Suri, HCU, MBA, Final Year (as mailed to his professor) 2008

"We really thank you for sending such an eminent professor who has multi dimensions of life & management . It was really a thought provoking lecture by Mr Hari Mohan ..Since that day I start dreaming about my life , what I can achieve. keeping in mind the caption " FEAR OF FAILURE " & " FEAR OF SUCCESS". We look forward to have such nice personalities in the coming classes also ..
" Rahul Williams, HCU, MBA Final Year, 2008

"A heartfelt thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to listen to such great person...and thanks a zillion for Mohan sir for coming all the way to enlighten us..looking forward to have more such lectures. The talk was food for thought for us. Absolutely simple yet profound. I don't think we can get clear messages like that in such simple and life touching manner. We could actually feel the importance of all the things sir told.

The two things I liked the most in the discussion (though it was difficult to choose between equals..)

1) Getting out of our comfort zone will help us expand ourselves, a simple statement but to practice it..I think one should have that zeal and determination to excel otherwise we tend to stick to what we are!!

2) Choose excellence...wow..to make us understand sir told us such a simple example..how a cleaning person can make such a difference.... I feel that if everyone of us chose the path of excellence then there would be great things happening.

To sum the discussion... "Life is the biggest venture", sir told us all the "laws" that apply to every thing..take it life, business, job...what ever...Detailed planning, Belief in yourself that you are going to make it, trusting others, sticking till the end and what ever you do choose excellence and results not excuses..finally give the luxury of "Dreaming"...

When sir asked in the class about a dream that you want to fulfill I was shocked to find none on my mind...then i realised that its important to dream..may be its because of the fear of failure or is it the other way round??!??."fear of success"...a thought provoking question!!

Thanks a zillion to u n Mohan sir for all the efforts"

Anitha, HCU, MBA, Final Year

'Mr. Hari Mohan's classes were very lively. He was some one filled with energy every second and very passionate about whatever he does. He actually related his life experiences and made the concepts simpler for us. The way he talked about being a team and how team spirit was just the way a true sports man is.'
Ambily.P.M, MBA, Final, HCU

'What happens when a trainer comes in class room and the very first thing He tells you that He is here to learn from the trainees...!!!! This sounds kind of strange but this is the spirit of Mr Hari Mohan who creates an easy and comfortable environment in the class room and allows a mutual and bilateral flow of knowledge.. He is wonderful...'
Mohit Sheoran
School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad

'..most important thing is you stressed on planning and determination to achieve goals . after listening to your lecture I came to know the real meaning of planning and essence of it. THANK YOU SIR for giving us wonderful experience and we are looking forward to your visit to our college and impart your knowledge to us.'
MBA, 2nd year, MLRIT


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